Saturday, February 15

trader joe's freezer faves

if you have a trader joe's near you you likely either love it or have no earthly idea where to begin! i was getting my feet wet a few years ago in the produce section soon after my "kroger fiasco" as its known in our house. they have so many great things but time & time i've heard friends & family say you just can't get a full meal there.  if you saw my post back in august about my cheater meal, you know thats not the case. this chicken still remains a family fave.

here are 5 more faves...i will admit i do give the sodium & fat a critical run down at ti's when I'm there...some things sound divine but are loaded in fat (or let me rephrase, if you eat the whole bag...which you very well would be fatty).

of course the corn dogs are my fave (child at heart) but make sure you don't get the soy/tofu ones...eek!

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