Wednesday, June 17

it's a boy!

It seems crazy to know that Joe & I are expecting our first baby {set to arrive Nov 20th} and that it's a B.O.Y! As fun as it was to find out in early March that we would be blessed with a child, it is even more exciting now to know more about this sweet little one on the way!

Around this time 5 years ago marked the start of our new adventure together...Joe & I bought our first house Memorial Day Weekend 2010. While we were signing our closing documents my parents were waiting by the house with cans of paint and supplies to get started on our touch ups before the hardwood floor experts would be coming in to refinish our hardwood floors. As is sit in my comfy corner chair today with hammering & sawing over my head {plus crazy barking dogs} I am so glad that we will be able to bring Baby BOY Davis home here in November.

In just 5 years we've had more love come into this house than we could have ever asked for...we've celebrated with countless friends in this home more times than I can remember, we've met strangers on our street who would become great friends, we've set family traditions here, we've done our share of laughing here, we've shared our roof with two, four legged "children"...the memories on Greenview are endless. It only made sense that when we thought of the most special place where we'd go to find out what gender our little one would be, that'd we'd stay right here.

In my purse for a few weeks leading up to our "reveal" I had an envelope that would tell us about this latest blessing and it took a lot to keep it sealed! When we received it, we had no roof on our home and until a few weeks ago, didn't have one back on! There were other decisions to be made outside of pink vs. blue...carpet samples to go through, paint chips for the house exterior, HVAC locations & more. When we came back home from the river two weeks ago, we knew it was as good of a time as ever to open it up.
Joe & I each dressed in the color we thought that best suited our guess {pink or blue} and blue is what we wore! We met upstairs to what used to be the guest room & is now affectionately called "the nursery." Inside my infamous pink book {travels everywhere with me} there was an envelope that our fave nurse, Fawn, left for me after our last appointment.

The rest goes quickly...I took the yellow sticky note out of the envelope without peeking...we were going to look together on 3...eyes locked, 3, 2, 1...looking down to see & its a boy!
baby boy on the nursery door!
In that exact same room this little boy will grow up and he will call this same house his home. We cannot wait for our upstairs projects to be completed and for the real fun to begin of bringing Baby Davis home!
Wilson is thrilled and as you can tell from Myers expression she's not so sure about being outnumbered by boys! Both love their cousin Braden though and will be thrilled to have their own baby at home!

As for the gender predictions/old wives tales...
Mayan Calendar...Girl
Chinese Calendar...Boy
Heart Rate...Girl
Morning Sickness...Girl
Eye "V" Test...Boy {i swear this is accurate!}
Gender Dreams...Boy {hilarious ones too}
they're really thrilled I promise! haha but they do put on a really good show!

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