Sunday, January 24

two months with ward

happy two months Ward! I cannot believe it was two months ago that we welcomed you into this world! since last month you've found your thumb and try to suck it from time to time, you've perfected your smile/coo/chats with mom, you've realized you have two dogs and love petting {or hitting} them, you're sleeping through the night, and you've filled our hearts with more joy than we could have ever imagined! he giggles when i sing for some unknown reason {probably because its hilarious!} and thanks to aunt landrum's suggestion we have the raffi pandora station on in the afternoons to keep him laughing! he's long & lean...his hair is still there & sticking straight up although its certainly getting lighter and trending towards some strawberry! these past two months have been unforgettable. what did we ever do before sweet baby Ward?!

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