Tuesday, May 24

6 months already!?

the last six months have been bursting at the seams with belly laughs and quiet giggles, sweet smiles and happy tears! I don't know where this time has gone but I do know that with every day that goes by there is more and more fun in store for us with this sweet baby boy.

six months ago it was a tuesday as well that Ward was born! how fun that this month it falls in the same cadence. this month ward is sitting up {without spitting up ha}, army man crawling around the den and eating "solid" food/purees! he giggles and squeals at himself in the mirror {as well as at the dogs} and has figured out how to cry when his mommy leaves the room! he still loves his puppies, going to school, and anything that makes music.

list of foods Ward has tried & loves:
sweet potatoes
sweet peas
butternut squash
green beans
yellow squash
lima beans
...but he's not the biggest fan of bananas or pears!

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