Monday, November 15

for the cook that has it all

what else could one possible ask for other than a kitchen aid stand mixer and a million attachments? our green apple kitchen aid is my lifesaver and sits on our kitchen counter for immediate access.  aside from that and all its attachments, our hand mixer, food processor, and more i still have recently found i am in need of two things...

1--a pastry blender...this one is normal and i feel like i have seen my mom use it enough that i should own one but never really thought i ever would need it...boy oh boy smashing butter with a fork was not the best idea when it came to my strawberry shortcakes! on the list for the next trip to bed bath and beyond...a pastry blender!

2--i actually for some reason really don't like the 2nd thing that i immersion blender.  something about these things always weirds me out and since there is never going to be allowed any metal on metal contact/utensils in our amazing calphalon pans, i'm still debating whether or not this is a true need but it is definitely something on my radar.  for the girl that keeps paper towels in between all of her pots and pans in the cabinets so they won't scratch, its hard for me to imagine sticking something with metal edges directly into one of them. 

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