Tuesday, November 16

tweet this

twitter may be a recent phenomenon but nonetheless its a great way to get your high level dose of what is going on in the world. whether its for work, pleasure, or a healthy combination of the two (careful though, personal tweets on work profile are a corporate america no-no).

for those who don't tweet, do like i did at the beginning...just log on and start following people but before people will want to follow you, you better be saying something more interesting than "i'm bored" all day long.  a real must is an iPhone or something else that has a twitter app and does not involve being at the computer all day...for those of you who "don't get it" thats probably why...get tweetdeck on your iPhone and follow my faves below...

twitter name: todayshow
what it is: ...the today show! haha enough said...a pretty unbiased news source and a good mix of both hot topics from a political/news perspective with a hint of celebrity/pop culture news. when its time for you to leave for work and you can't stand missing the 8:30 headliner, catch it on twitter

twitter name: harvardbiz
what it is: harvard business review...great work related articles that are short (thankfully) and up to date in terms of what is going on in the world--you will get nothing less than what you would expect from harvard

twitter name: peoplemag
what it is: hmmm scan your people magazine in the grocery store check out line, then follow them on twitter...all the latest and greats people magazine worthy celeb gossip and news

twitter name: real_simple
what it is: your top recipes, home organizing ideas (you know i love that part), 15 minute work out ideas, and other great things worthy of your time to read. if you love this magazine their tweeting is just as good!

on top of all the good national twitter people/companies/brands to follow some of the best tweets i enjoy following are friends...if nothing better than to catch a glimpse into what's new in their lives...the greatest feeling in the world is to see someone on the other side of the country once in a blue moon (@jillkobe) and feel like you haven't missed a beat!  ps...i cannot believe you've been married a day short of 4 months! 

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  1. Aweee love it! AND love your tweet about Dixon! You are the sweetest. Love you!