Tuesday, January 4

the avid shopper

i consider myself both an avid shopper and willing to support a good cause when one comes i was flipping through the january issue of southern living i stumbled across the articles on top girls trips [1st thing that caught my attention] it highlighted some top travel outfits [insert amex/shoe addiction here].  "what are those cute shoes?" i said to myself and immediately skimmed to the side to catch all of the details...

TOMS?! this is obviously a joke i thought but no it was not! i love my lindsay lowry, but when i think of toms i think of her "potato skin" shoes and was oddly surprised that they made something this appealing to my taste.  what is even more surprising is the purpose behind the shoes. for every pair that you buy they give a pair (not a fraction of a pair but a whole pair of shoes...prob not my wedges) to a child in need of shoes which is pretty powerful in itself. they have lots of info about it on their website which is full of rich content and videos TOMS
so nordstroms at phipps took my order today before the store even opened for my ash tom calypso wedges and i pick them up later tonight. i'm sure joe is going to ask is if we get to write off the shoes for tax purposes haha...i think this is a good excuse for a pair of shoes...or maybe i'm just that good at justifying my online shopping/shoe additions but either way is a good use of $70.

will let you know how they fit and if i love them, then the nautical red/white or navy/white pair are coming home too!

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