Thursday, January 6

charge it!

not to worry, i am sharing some of my shopping secrets for those [like me] are surviving as a 20 something on a "budget." this is in quotes because its really not a budget but rather guidelines that joe and i have yet to be extremely diligent in following. 2011 is going to be our year for that!

one of my new go to places to check on staple items before running to amazon or target, is  i have had great luck there finding things for wilson! our first purchase was his exercise pen that we still have yet to use. however, i got a 20% off a follow up item and now he is about to graduate from his puppy crate and go to his big boy crate! they have free shipping and free returns...also no sales tax which is a great added bonus too.  unlike amazon, items here ship next day and they have great call in customer service!

for your new shoes, stick to bloomies, but for all those essentials you buy, furniture, lamps, dog crates [ha] give a whirl next time!

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