Monday, January 31

bye bye puppy hair

so its officially time for wilson to have his first "big boy" hair cut! he is off today to kelsey's dog house in buckhead to get a serious cut! he will be much cooler and on top of that will not be bringing in nearly as much grass and stuff in the house when hes rolling all over the place! i've told him he's going to get a mani/pedi, massage, and hair cut today after a full day of play time with new friends at camp! 

his black guard hairs will no longer be there and he'll be significantly smaller looking and lighter too! i guess this is the same feeling parents get when their babies go get their first hair cut! he will be cute no matter what but he sure will look different! 

i'll be sure to post a pic of his new hair do later today when he get's back from a whole day at the spa...until then, here's our last family pic after our 4.5 mile walk yesterday! 

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