Saturday, February 5

oh how time flies

i cannot believe that 5 years ago this month i was sitting on an airplane with my best friends going to live in australia for 6 19 year olds, i cannot believe it for many reasons...what were our parents thinking?! what were we thinking?! regardless it was hands down one of the best experiences of [all of our] lives!  

nbd just walking on an iceberg
its funny the things you remember...running to the gym and home and going to an hour long work out class, maybe staying for an extra one just in case you felt like it, full cream milk and 6 english muffins a day, landrum stomping on the way to class to "scare off the snakes", taking the bus to jesmond [or getting on the wrong bus] or charlestown, going back to brown hair with pig, the infamous "hey kath" flipping of the restaurant table, tex wine tours, customs house for kahlua & creams, blue water pizza with the nagles, "the saph", our month long spring break to new zealand and cairns, scuba diving the great barrier reef & getting lizzie lost at sea, meat feet, class time for three hours a week, the big W, & skype...bungee jumping, sky diving, and a thousand other things i probably would have never done or would ever be able to say that i did in life are all a direct result of this amazing trip with my most amazing friends.

climbing a glacier...doing the sid face
getting ready to jump 134 meters on the Nevis
oh how time flies...i hope the next five years doesn't pass in the blink of an eye, and if it does i think we all deserve a 10 year australia reunion trip

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