Sunday, February 20

garden update!

so my garden [dirt in pots right now] is started! so far i have sown some seeds to grow lettuce, spinach, parsley, carrots, scallions, and marigolds. starting in march after laney & ro's wedding i will start inside in my jiffy starter set, tomatoes, canary peppers, basil, cucumbers, and a few other fun things! after they start to germinate, those things will go outside but the little starter set is pretty cool. 

you take these indoor greenhouse sets basically and follow the directions (get the little seed pods wet and then put the seed on it, put the lid on the seeds to keep in humidity, and watch them grow until ready to transport outside)

cross your fingers i can do something right and at least one of my many seeds will sprout into a plant that will survive and produce some sort of flower or veggie! 

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