Tuesday, February 22

queen madeline

for anyone who doesn't know elizabeth's sister madeline is an artist and a great one at that. she has commissioned several pieces for me in the past (this is her 5th, and 6 & 7 are being worked on now) as well as painted a few for my mother as well that my father has framed. every piece has amazing character and is better than the next!

her newest challenge was a painting for our dining room...i wanted something that would be sentimental but not overly intense.  i decided that to those that really know joe and me would realize the meaning behind it and everyone else would just think it was a beautiful tuscan villa, so i gave her a few photographs of summerour studio, the site of our wedding reception, and a huge canvas, and boy did she deliver! happy valentines/christmas present to joe!

so i am now going to pawn her off on all of you or anyone interested. she does amazing work and if you want her contact information/don't have it then just shoot me an email. below is more of the work she has done for me in the past...she doesn't know it yet but her next subject for number 8 in our house is going to be a picture of none other than wilson!
river house painting for mom and dad last yaer
enjoying our new beautiful artwork from someone special to us! great job madeline!

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