Monday, March 14

from dust you were made

for this lenten season i've given myself more than the normal challenge. in addition to no fried food which is hard enough seeing as everything that is convenient is typically fried, ive also added on no pound cakes! you may be thinking this is hilarious but that sour cream pound cake that is divine does have 2 sticks of butter and 6 eggs...and 3 cups of sugar...not bad but we eat one of those a week in our house! 

so the list comes up to no fried food, no pound cakes, working out at least 4 days a week (not really hard with wilson) but adding back in our trainer workouts (without the trainer of course), and to remember to do my daily prayers/devotional.

for some reason lent seems like the perfect time to do these sorts of things...something about doing this for someone other than myself makes quite a compelling argument when i'm in the chick-fil-a drive through resisting a spicy chicken sandwich.

at my first ever Ash Wednesday service i was reminded when the imposition of ashes was offering...for you are dust and to dust you will return

i hope everyone has an amazing lent season!

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