Sunday, April 17

salad day 1 and weekly prep

alright--now that everyone has their ingredients together, let's get cooking! we cook the chicken for the week on sunday to minimize the time that it takes to make dinner the rest of the nights! 

make your chicken, grill it, bake it, marinade it in whatever you like--my favorite is italian dressing baked or grilled...if baked, i like to rub some minced garlic on top too for extra flavor. 

tonight's salad will be delicious i promise!

apple gorgonzola cheese salad
toss the following ingredients together to make a yummy salad!
lettuce blend [however you choose], thinly sliced golden delicious apple, gorgonzola cheese, thinly sliced grilled or baked chicken, walnuts...dressing to taste [recommendation: marzetti's honey mustard]

bon appetit!

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