Sunday, December 11

holiday bark

so in addition to the christmas in a jar that kristin brought me, she also gave me this peppermint bark which my trainer will kill her for but boy oh boy is it good!!! you can really make this any way you'd like and it is soooo easy & cost conscious as well. if you're not a peppermint lover, put on sprinkles, chooclate chips, nuts, or whatever it is you'd like. if its not christmas time, no worries, how about some birthday sprinkles or broken up reeses peanut butter cups (now we're talking!!!)

bark recipe
what you need...
1 stick of butter
½ cup sugar
12oz bag of chocolate chips (dark, milk, white, semi sweet...whatever you'd like)
whatever toppings you want

what to do..,.Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line cookie sheet with aluminum foil, spray with Pam (nonstick spray). Place saltines (approx. 1 ½ sleeves) in layer completely touching on the cookie sheet.

On stovetop, bring 1 stick butter and ½ cup sugar to rapid boil. Pour butter/sugar mixture over saltines to cover. Place saltines in oven 4-6 min until “brown” Sprinkle choc chips over saltines and allow to melt --- this make seem to take a long time, but krsistin promises it will melt. Use knife to evenly spread melted choc chips to completely cover saltines. Sprinkle topping (ie candy canes, nuts,etc) Place cookie sheet in fridge 3 hrs til hard. Break up into pieces and ENJOY!!

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  1. After I got home from the ATL, I made a "turtle" version of this bark for the book club girls.... I used 1 cup Brown Sugar instead of 1/2 cup white sugar.... which made it more like a toffee base over the saltines... then I sprinkled peanuts and chopped Rolo's on top.... OH DEAR!!! YUMMY!!

    This basic recipe really does have endless possibilities :)