Friday, January 20

great dog toys!

so santa was great to wilson this year and he got lots of great things! he also got a few treats from his mommy & daddy in crested butte! below are the top toys i've found that truly keep him busy (which is tough) and have lasted over 30 minutes, another tough thing to do for wilson! in addition to the obvious kong toys, here are his top 3...
Rocky Mountain Antler Chew (
**wilson has a large (weighs 38lbs)...if your dog is a bigger dog, go bigger on this toy because they vary in shape and therefore size
Frequent Flyer Fetch Toy (
**made out of a firefighter hose, this is one of the 2 toys that wilson actually fetches. it has a squeaker in it as well to get their attention. not one that we let him sit & gnaw on but a great toy...we have the blue triangle version of the toy shown. Also, they float! 

Jolly Ball (
**probably wilson's favorite toy...its a ball inside a ball. if he isnt chasing the ball around, he's trying to get the small ball out of the super hard plastic shell (impossible)...worth the investment! he has the 10-inch version

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