Saturday, February 18

armando to the rescue

so we had a pretty good guy who used to help us out with the big yard projects at our house...until lately he was quite reliable but just could never seem to get the job done. this past week we found armando...below are the before photos of the davis front yard. you can tell from my fence updates that our back yard is a jungle! 

so here are the before photos!
notice our overcrowding of plants here! cannot wait for ALL of them minus three to be gone and new encore azaleas to be planted in the background!
these plants wont be removed but will be pruned way back! 
sorry GA Power about the crepe myrtles in the power lines! those will be out in no time flat! the big green "mound" as i like to call it will be gone (finally!) 
all of these plants here will vanish as well! no more leggy oversized plants for this house on greenview avenue! 

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