Friday, February 17

update on wilson

wilson still coming off of his sedatives...sweet baby boy!

sorry for no great recipes this week...we've had some wilson issues this week!

so wilson has been our little patient since Wednesday's "big event" which was when somehow in the backyard his back right paw's middle toe nail was ripped off exposing the quick. sparing the gory details, he had to have the quick surgically removed in an emergency surgery on Wednesday. he had a cast put on Wednesday and this morning went to the vet for a follow up and got a new cast put on for the next 5 days.
he's a quick learner....walking on three legs is coming quite naturally to him now but you can tell he is still in a bit of pain. todays vet visit ended with him on a bland diet for 6 days and a quick switch of medicine. poor little baby boy! below are some of the cute photos of him even if he is looking sad, you know he's getting some quality care at the Davis house!

wilson getting ready for his new cast

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