Sunday, October 24

how i miss you...

oh adeep & michael how i miss you...

how to survive as a 20-something includes hiring butlers however in some weird/twisted/ironic way i am now the butler (among other things) at our house...on the phone with the dentists office last week and they asked me where to send joe's pre-patient paperwork.  laughingly (& full of love) i said oh that'd be to me--i am also the his executive assistant...the girl on the other end of the line says wow you must wear many hats, but surely you wear them well!

so i've decided although i may somehow have snowballed into the full time job worker, maid, butler, secretary, chauffeur, chef, yard woman, scheduler, lunch packer, social coordinator, wedding planner, and laundry mat worker for starters but as long as you're wearing many hats, wear them well!

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