Tuesday, November 23

the crazy mom

yes i am the crazy mom to be...wilson is going to be so spoiled rotten though with all the planning! i do not really know how people get their first dog totally on a whim! this has been a very thought out experience to say the least! his monogrammed collar and leash is waiting for him in his puppy play date bag with his fleece blankey grammie guertin made him!

i have my final 4 dog books to finish reading as well as books on cd to bring to highlands this week for thanksgiving to take final notes on the "wilson" legal pad [joe feels sorry for him for that].  he's already enrolled in puppy class and is going to be the cutest, smartest, doggie out there [aside from percy my mom reminds me or he will be the cutest boy and percy the cutest girl]...

anyway hope you enjoy seeing his cute pics as much as i do...these are from saturday (11.20.2010) of his brothers was off to san diego yesterday and hopefully wilson doesn't realize that we are delaying his arrival! at least we know tandy will be his entertainment until wilson comes home in just over 2 weeks! 

hello wilson! over here!

sid's latest comment--did you get a dog without eyes?

hes already losing some of his puppy color! he'll be wheaten color in no time!

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