Monday, November 22

my new favorite lounging outfit!

yes, i may be in a constant state of amex probation but scarily enough i'm the queen of card not present transactions aka online shopping(thank you to my BAMS job for my credit card lingo)...lizzie called the other day saying she found an ornament that fit me perfectly "on dasher, on dancer, on visa, on mastercard"...pretty sure i need that too! 

my new recent find that i am officially in love with is from "Bloomies" [thanks gabby] aka Old Navy for those of you who know the story behind that one! of course this is a justified purchase as i needed some sort of  "take wilson out on AM walks" outfit.  although some people on our street run down the driveway in towels with a towel on their head, i refuse to be the crazy neighbor in the pajama dress walking the dog! 

especially for those of you who are tall--get the tall version of these old navy fleece drawstring pants (there are 2 types online...these are NOT the 100% fleece pair as I would be one static ball).  They feel like sweatpants and have a little fleece in them on the inside.  mine are about 4 inches too long which i love! 

when they go on sale (like today) 30% off and free shipping, hit it up and give them a try!

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