Tuesday, November 30

its christmas at the davis house!

its christmas time and if you didn't know that you'll be well aware when you come to our fully festive house! don't worry, we don't have blow up santa snow globes in the front yard though after halloween in our neighborhood, i'd be surprised if i didn't see at least one blow up snowman in the neighbors yard.

if life is all about who you know then i won the lottery! i have been so blessed to have great friends in atlanta and very talented ones at that! carrie ["the designer"] & rachel ["the event planner"] stayed over after greer ["the trainer"] monday night and helped me with the christmas decor.  though i had the tree up, i had many pages of southern living tabbed for them to help me replicate!  

rachel & carrie did the bows on the wreaths as well as both saying "a little to the left...little more...little more" as i was standing on a white slip-covered chair [thankfully washable!]  needless to say there is now a festive wreath on our front door and one hanging from our gold leaf mirror that both look amazing!  

after rachel left, carrie did some more magic and strategically placed tree trimmings on our mantle, placing fresh frasier fir, some of my new silver candlesticks as well as some various ornaments to be the finishing touches.  needless to say, i have an amazingly spruced up, christmas'ed house! 

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