Sunday, November 28

sid the great

not everyone is fortunate enough to have an amazing father but i most certainly have the best one around. aside from being able to scare away under the bed monsters he also is an expert in all things handy and makes them seem completely effortless. he has made me countless pieces of custom furniture over the past years and somehow always manages to perfectly combine my pottery barn catalogue page tear outs and amateur sketches into the perfect piece of furniture.

our most recent need has been a dining room table and boy oh boy has he delivered.  when we stopped by to drop of grandma and have dinner last week we also got a sneak peek of the dining room table.  i couldn't have been more picky in my table criteria but nonetheless daddy delivered!
preview of our new table in sid's workshop
sid the great [father, yard man, furniture builder, plumber, electrician, builder, home inspector, painter, backsplash installer, gutter cleaner, solver of all problems handy] grateful to have such an amazing father

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