Monday, October 11

10.10 luxur

so yesterday was october 10th 2010 which makes it the ultimate 10.10 date as pointed out by kate. the weird special 5 obsession/australian reminiscing with 10.10.luxur never seems to fade! i seem to always think of peter doing it the little arm movements in the suzuki which is probably while i'm still humored by it.

mondays previously were my boring nights where joe gets home from work/2 mba classes pretty late and all i've done since work is vacuum, clean house, and watched a few ncis reruns. however starting in october i've made a vow to volunteer getting my behind kicked into shape!

greer (& rachel/carrie) come over on mondays and we really go to town! yoga mat and 30 minutes is all i need to be too worn out to move for the rest of the week! 30 minute walk/jog around our neighborhood gets me warmed up in time for greer to be at the house...lumber jacks, mountain climbers, tag, ab workouts, and more...its exhausting just typing but i am so thankful as we are wrapping up our class that i completed another monday with greer!

monday dinners consist of special k red berries which is hardly exciting yet fills me up nonetheless. but today i am sneaking joe's leftovers he forgot for lunch from colonnade while he takes his test tonight which hopefully the studying paid off!

time to enjoy my "me time" and do things im not supposed to do (when anyone is watching at least) like drink wine in bed...and i guess i can do a little bit more work before calling it a night...ttfn

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