Sunday, October 10

welcome back

so i'm disappointed that it took this long to finally get another post in but after buying a new house, getting married, and attending 8 other weddings since my last post, i don't think i'll give myself a hard time.

between a personal trainer night, junior league, discipleship class as well as joe working super late and getting his mba--things are still quite busy but i'm recommitting to doing my best in posting my updates!

this week is just as busy as the last 40 weeks this year so far and we are both sick of deli meat for lunches!  below is one of my newest (since july) faves for an easy and not too bad for you lunch/summer time may have seen it before as many people have a rendition of it...i call it by the wonderful woman who introduced it to me--

Pam Cakes Chicken Slaw
what you need & what i use (and what they tell me to in parenthesis)
the slaw:
package of uncooked chicken flavored ramen noodles
rotisserie chicken
2 green onions
1 package cabbage slaw
1/2 cup silvered almonds
2 tbsp sesame seeds

the dressing: 
1/2 tsp salt (they say: 1 tsp salt but there is a lot of salt in the ramen package below)
1 tsp ground black pepper
the packet that comes in the chicken ramen package
3 tbsp white vinegar
1-1/2 tbsp white sugar (2 tbsp white sugar)

what to do:
1. mix all the dressing ingredients together and put aside for later  2. get a pretty good size bowl out and take a fork and get as much white meat as you can off of the rotisserie chicken.  3. dump in the slaw  4. in the baggie still, crunch up the ramen noodles to little pieces and sprinkle on top of the slaw  5. use some kitchen sheers and finely cut cleaned green onions 6. toast the almonds in a pan on the stove and when they are almost toasted, add in the sesame seeds (not too early or they'll burn!) 7. toss the almonds/sesame seeds in with the slaw.  8. pour on the dressing and refrigerate for at least 2 hours--the longer you can leave it the better. 9. serve cold

so a double recipe of this is lunch for this week for our family which we will surely enjoy!

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