Thursday, October 14

productive thursdays

so today was my first official day driving the new car to work...while simultaneously having the gps and bluetooth going i will say it was a success--only problem now is that i have to stop at the toll booth with quarters versus my cruise card until i get a new license plate! what a drag...

tonight i am headed over to visit with some of my favorite children elizabeth & hill...actually just elizabeth since hill gets to go to toy story on ice...joe has noted that he wants to go as well.  too bad work/studying keeps him from phillips arena.

looking forward to an amazing weekend of no traveling...this is unbelievable that we actually have nowhere to go! tomorrow night [the newly engaged] lindsey & miller are coming over for dinner at the house to celebrate with us and catch up! how adult...thinking it's a silver sunday kind of day and am likely to bust out the fancy stuff since its only every so often that you get to do it anyways. 

sunday will be the best[ie] day of the weekend i do believe though because i get to have lunch with lindsay who will be flying in town for the weekend! aside from being her birthday friday [happy bday linds] we get a lunch date on sunday and she even gets the first bestie ride in the new car when i take her back to the airport!

so many nice fun things to look forward to and carrie just called and greer is coming over tomorrow at 8am now too! we are getting into shape like whoa!

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