Tuesday, October 12

here comes the brides!

so many fun things are happening this week...first of all i got our wedding photos back today (as in all of them in my hands!)...jessica did an amazing job and i cannot wait to get to look at them all the time!

on top of that, so many of my best friends are engaged & getting married which has been so exciting for me! i cannot wait to be in my first wedding other than my own (pig & kent) on dec 4th! i hope i'm being a good bridesmaid & really think it helps since i've been through the other side & know what joe and i appreciated. on top of that im so excited to be helping my older sister monica plan some of her wedding as well as planning an engagement party, couples shower, and bachelorette weekend! 11 weddings already on our calendar for 2011 and its not even november! we are busy bees!

time to focus on glee! this month's neighborhood women's club fashion show (aka wine with women on my street) took up my 8pm time slot tonight! life as a [busy, married, planning, traveling, full time working] 20 something is better than i could have ever imagined!

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